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Blade Quest Codes 2021 – Latest Working Codes

 Are you searching for Blade Quest Codes? If yes then you’re landing on the best webpage for the Roblox games. Furthermore, here you will get working codes for all types of games


Working Blade Quest Codes 2021 – Full List

We have mentioned all the working cheats for Blade Quest in the below list. So Find the codes that you need and redeem them to get exclusive rewards. Remember one thing we can update this list from every weak of the month.

>List Of Roblox Blade Quest Codes – Working

  • There were no working or valid codes at this time because this game is new. But this is not the end whenever the new codes have come we published them here. Furthermore, if you want game passes for this game then check the game passes section below.

Note:- We are not created code, we just collect the working codes from the different online resources, and after testing the code we just published it here. Furthermore, if you find any of the codes expired from this list please let us know in the comment section.



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List Of Roblox Blade Quest Codes- Expired

This list gives you the information about the expired codes or any one of the codes from the upper list expired will be added here. Moreover, You can try these codes some time they still work.

  • Currently, there are no outdated codes.



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How To Redeem – Blade Quest Codes?

As we early discussed there are no codes available for this game. In fact, this game has no code redemption system available. Because this game is new and the maker of this game has not set the redemption system for this game. When any updates come regarding the redeem section we will update it here.


About Blade Quest:-

Blade Quest is a popular RPG game that played by over 28 million peoples. In this game, you have to enhance your swords. You have to earn shards from hardcore and get buffs from enchanting. Moreover, you also have to battle with monsters in this game and you can earn rare blades and magic spells. In this game, you have to upgrade your stats and loot and you can also level up and unlock new maps.

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Game Passes:-

There are six game passes are available in the game store. If you want to purchase them then you can easily get them from the game store by spending just Robux. Check out all the 6 game passes given below with the description…

  • VIP: This game pass gives you 20% XP and VIP chat tag and also gives you Free skill resets. If you want o buy this pass then you can easily purchase it by spending 599 Robux.
  • Double Coins: With this game pass, you can earn double coins from each game. By spending just 899 Robux you can make this game pas yours.
  • Extra Loot: With this game pass, you can receive an extra item after each game. However, if you want to get this game then you can make this yours by spending just 1499 Robux.
  • Rainbow Blade: By getting this game pass Your weapon changes colors in this game. You can easily purchase this pass with 399 Robux.
  • Double Shards: If you have this game pass then you can Receive 2-4 Shards from every hardcore dungeon. However, if you want to get this game then you can make this yours by spending just 699Robux.
  • Better Quest Rewards: By getting this game pass you can get Double quest coins and also get a Rare blade quest. You can easily purchase this pass with 399 Robux.

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