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Roblox Factory Simulator Codes 2021 – Latest Working Codes

 Are you searching for Roblox Factory Simulator Codes? If yes then you’re landing on the best webpage for the Roblox games. Furthermore, here you will get working codes for all types of games


Working Roblox Factory Simulator Codes 2021 – Full List

We have mentioned all the working cheats for Roblox Factory Simulator in the below list. So Find the codes that you need and redeem them to get exclusive rewards. Remember one thing we can update this list from every weak of the month.

>List Of Roblox Roblox Factory Simulator Codes – Working

Working Code: WELCOME

You have to redeem this code to get exciting rewards in this game.


Right now only these codes are working, in the future, if we found some new codes then we will surely update this list. Till then

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About Factory Simulator:-

Factory Simulator is a Building category game. The game was launched recently, and it is becoming more and more popular because of its decent gameplay.  In this game, you get to Harvest the world’s resources to build up your industrial empire. Moreover, you can also Build machines to cut trees and mine ores.

The game very enjoyable, you should play this game once. In this game, you can also transport goods with conveyors, you can refine and sell for massive profits, and many other things that you can and you have to do in this game.

Factory Simulator Game>>


Game Passes:-

There are 4 game passes are available in the game store. If you want to purchase them then you can easily get them from the game store by spending just Robux. Check out all the six-game passes below…

  • 2X Income: If you want o buy this pass then you can easily purchase it by spending 315 Robux.

  • 3X Cargo Capacity: By spending just 245 Robux you can make this game pas yours.

  • Auto Pickup: However, if you want to get this game then you can make this yours by spending just 105 Robux.

  • 150% Harvester Speed: However, if you want to get this game then you can make this yours by spending just 235 Robux.

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