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Swordburst 2 Redeem Codes 2021 – Latest Working Codes

On this website (Findcodes.info), you will find the working Swordburst 2 Redeem Codes 2021, and these codes will help you in getting lots of free in-game items, coins, gems, skins, and many more amazing rewards.


About Swordburst 2:

Swordburst 2 is a popular game on the Roblox platform. In this game, you have to defeat enemies and you have to also collect items that are very rare. You can explore the vast RPG world in this game and defeat bosses to unlock new areas to explore.

Recently the game admin releases some updates in the game, so now you will get a better user interface in the game in comparison to the last version. Moreover, you will also get fixed issues with map lightings, blade glow, buffed Summon Pistol, tall mobs, and ladders.


Working Roblox Swordburst 2 Redeem Codes 2021 – Full List

The below list provides you all working Swordburst 2 Redeem Code, Copy the codes right here and paste them in the redeem box and enjoy your game.


After using this amazing code you will get +50 free coins


At the moment we have found only one active code, but in the future, the codes maker of the Swordburst 2 released new codes we will surely update them here. So keep your eye on this webpage to get a more active Swordburst 2 cheats.


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Game Passes:-

You can purchase four-game passes from the game store. Know more about these four Swordburst 2 game passes below…

  • [2H] Berserker Animation Pack: By using this gam pass you can get Animation Pack for Greatswords. Moreover, by spending just 300 Robux you can make this game pas yours.
  • Ninja Animation Pack: This game pass helps you to get Animation Pack for Katanas. After getting this pass go to your settings menu and there you can enable or disable this. However, if you want o buy this pass then you can easily purchase it by spending 300 Robux.
  • Vigilante Animation Pack: By getting this game pass you can access the Animation pack for dual wield. Similarly, you can also enable or disable it from your settings menu. And by spending just 330 Robux you can make this game pass yours.
  • Noble Animation Pack: Moreover, this game pass helps you to get Animation Pack for Singlehanded swords. You can easily purchase this pass with 150 Robux and enable or disable it from the settings menu.

Fastest Way to earn XP in Roblox Swordburst 2:-

Here we have discussed a way that can help you to earn XP fastly. When you reaching level 15 in this game, after that you will get the mobs located on the second floor. So, all those mobs are very good for getting XP. Moreover, you can also fight with those mobs in a group. If you think are strong then you will try to rotate and kill the mobs in the boos room and try to kill the boss when it spawns.

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How to get Shield in Swordburst 2?

In the Swordburst 2 game, the shields are the accessories that are hung behind the player. Moreover, each item gives the stat and defense boosts of the equipped player. In this game, shields can be dropped from Floor bosses, Ashrune Shield. 

How to Get Skull Mask?

In Swordburst 2 Game the skull mask is a rare accessory that provides you 20% more stamina Regeneration but this also decreases your Health Regeneration by -10%. By the Forest Wanderer in the Blooming Plateau and the drop of this item is 1%.


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